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Small but so so perfectly formed

May 30, 2023May 30, 2023

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Not every home, or living room, can take a large three, four or five seater sofa or sectional. There are times when a compact two-seater are called for. Whether it's for an apartment or a smaller room in a large home, such as an office or bedroom, there are plenty of attractive two-seaters to choose from.

Many of our favorite two-seaters are scaled down models of their larger counterparts. So they can be bought independently or teamed together for more sociable seating in roomier living arrangements.

For the best couches to seat two people –and sometimes more–see our selection from the best home decor stores.

1. Jalis sofa

Price: $8,026

Available as a two or three-seater, with upholstery options which include bouclé, chenille, leather or this gorgeous navy corduroy, we love Jalis for its voluminous shape, soft curves and sink-into style.

3. Meena sofa

Price: $1,899

Chunky, comfy and chic, the Meena two-seater has a modern minimalist edge yet still manages to exude warmth, thanks to its soft upholstery. One of the best grey sofas, at 83.5"L x 38.6"W x 32.3"H, two people could comfortably lounge.

2. Aalto love seat

Price: $3,200

This two-seater is detachable, so that it can easily be packed if you move–apparently designed for the convenience of single life. Upholstered in grey vegan 'leather', it's lightweight and sturdy - we're still counting it as one of the best leather sofas.

1. Jordane sofa

Price: $2,499

Low, linear and boxy, Jordane is upholstered in beige velvet and sits atop a sturdy wooden base. It's an elegant yet unobtrusive piece that would suit a modern space and at 83" wide could comfortably host two people plus a pet.

2. Ansley sofa

Price: $1,999

Measuring 84"W x 43"D x 32"H, this two-seater could actually seat three. We love the rustic feel of the wooden platform frame, the plush cushions and taupe performance stain-resistant fabric, which means we don't have to be afraid of light colors.

3. Club sofa

Price: $1,499

Simple, sturdy and compact, with over 40 upholstery options, this Club two-seater is a great all-rounder that could see you from home to home. We love the exaggerated piping around the edges which highlights its boxy design.

1. Gilmour sofa

Price: from $1,898

Choose ice-blue or warm ginger velvet upholstery on this stand-out piece. With its panel design and down-filled arm cushions the Gilmour exudes comfort and casual style. And at H32" × W80.5" × D35", there's ample room to snuggle à deux.

2. Beaumont settee

Price: $3,100

Give your home a touch of glamor with this Beaumont couch. Covered with varese lichen velvet or oatmeal bouclé and balanced on a polished brass base, it's a stylish perch to sip cocktails or entertain guests.

3. Ami sofa

Price: $7,545

The ultimate in style and sustainability, the Ami sofa has been designed so that all its component parts can be removed and refurbished or repaired. Choose from wool-mix fabric or leather upholstery and a black or taupe frame on this built to last piece.

1. Burrard love seat

Price: $1,099

Elegant and eye-catching, we love the clean lines, slender arms and tapered timber legs on the Burrard sofa. Not to mention its lush forest green fabric upholstery, which perfectly suits its simple mid-century style - one of the best green sofas, for sure.

2. Sennur sofa

Price: $499.99

Available in blue, black, green, orange, gray or white velvet, the Sennur sofa is a compact piece that will provide extra seating for two. At 62.5" wide and perched on slender legs, it would make a light and airy addition for small spaces.

3. Saturn sofa

Price: $2,408

Custom-made in Los Angeles, with a solid wood frame and classic double row button-tufting, the Saturn sofa will bring mid-century style to your abode. It's a compact 78.5"w x 36.5"d x 33"h and available in 52 upholstery options.

This varies between manufacturers but a two-seater can be up to 72" (six feet), or even 84" wide. Although, some are as small as 55"-65" wide, so check the measurements before you buy. Many retailers market their two-seater sofas as love seats too.

'The term loveseat and two seater sofa are typically used interchangeably since both types of sofas have smaller dimensions and are meant to seat two people comfortably,' says Madison Adam, Interior Design Service Manager at Article. 'Both types are perfect for apartments or small spaces.'

Price: $8,026Price: $1,899Price: $3,200Price: $2,499Price: $1,999Price: $1,499Price: from $1,898Price: $3,100Price: $7,545Price: $1,099Price: $499.99Price: $2,408