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Is The Shark Tank Wad

Aug 14, 2023Aug 14, 2023

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Laundering bed linens is one of those chores that can be incredibly time consuming, no doubt leading to many people putting it off for far longer than recommended. From the acrobatics required to fully strip and then remake a bed to the fury invoked by trying to fold a fitted sheet, it's not an enjoyable task. One of the most frustrating aspects of it is the tangled, twisted wad that sheets and blankets sometimes become in the washer and dryer. The "Shark Tank" product Wad-Free claims to prevent that tangled mess from ever happening at all. However, does it work as advertised, and is it worth your time and money?

Judging from reviews across retail websites and product recommendations, the answer is a resounding yes. Since its nationwide introduction on Season 13, Episode 5 of "Shark Tank," Wad-Free has appeared on numerous best-product lists, has become a top seller through various retailers, and has received thousands of 5-star reviews.

According to Wad-Free's claims, this product should reduce occurrences of unbalanced loads, wrinkles in your sheets, and drying times by up to 75%. The emphasis is on the "up to" 75%, as The Gadgeteer and Reviewed found little to no reduction in drying times with or without using Wad-Free. Reader's Digest, on the other hand, said this product reduced the drying time of their sheets by almost 50%.

The Wad-Free is almost comically low-tech in its design, consisting only of a rounded plastic square with four slide tabs designed to hold the corners of your sheets in place. To save time and effort, insert your sheets into the device as you strip them off the bed, then simply place them in the laundry as usual and wash and dry per their cleaning recommendations. There are a few caveats, mostly being that bamboo, rayon, and eucalyptus sheets are too delicate to use with Wad-Free, but in most cases the product is exceptionally user-friendly. It may not reduce drying times by as much as 75%, but even a small reduction would help reduce your energy costs and consumption. And with the price point of around $19, Wad-Free could essentially pay for itself in due time by lowering your utility bills.

On Amazon, verified customers have currently given Wad-Free an overall rating of over 4 stars, which means that the vast majority of Wad-Free users are happy with their purchase. Of the positive reviews, all extolled the product's effectiveness in preventing sheets from tangling in the wash, and many praised it for granting the user more peace of mind. One Amazon reviewer even says, "The savings to my sanity is well worth it."

As for the cons, reviewers stated that the product is a little pricey for what it is, which is basically two plastic squares for both a flat and a fitted sheet. They also point out that the costs could really skyrocket if someone needs to buy a set for every bed in their house so they can wash all their linens at once. The negative reviews also note that the tabs can be hard to slide into place for older users with weak or arthritic hands. However, many still admit that Wad-Free does reduce wadding, at least most of the time. Given the many positive reviews, House Digest concludes that Wad-Free is worth purchasing.