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Casey DeSantis tells tale of pulling out a 'sleeper sofa' during Iowa campaign visit

Aug 02, 2023Aug 02, 2023

Casey DeSantis is telling travel stories while on the road in Iowa, spotlighting the antics of the First Family.

During a Never Back Down stop in Winneshiek County, Florida’s First Lady explained how she had to pull out the “sleeper sofa” as the family of five makes its way through the Hawkeye State.

“So last night we get in and I end up, you know, it takes me a while before I go to bed. Like, I don’t understand how guys can just go to bed and that’s it,” Mrs. DeSantis recounted. “It’s like flipping a light switch with me. I’ve got to go through a process. I’ve got the contacts … you’ve got to wash your face … yada yada yada.”

The First Lady said she had a surprise waiting for her when she was done.

“I come out and I look in the bed, and who is in the bed in the hotel room? The one bed in the hotel room? You have Dad, Mason, Mamie, Madison, and it’s not that big of a bed and everybody has passed out. And I said, well, this is fun, you know. So I ended up, we end up pulling up the sleeper sofa and it’s the kids are having so much fun because they love hotels.”

That wasn’t the only lighthearted nugget from the First Lady, however, who continues to use anecdotes from parenthood to connect with crowds on the road. She noted that the family made “so many waffles this morning,” and touched on the challenge of keeping the kids in line.

“Before we were coming out here, we were behind the curtain and we were having a very robust conversation as to why we need to keep our hands to ourselves because you had the 5-year-old who was touching the 6-year-old who was touching the 3-year-old,” Mrs. DeSantis quipped.

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