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10 Best Couch Cloud Dupes 2023 — Chic and Stylish Couches

Jun 25, 2023Jun 25, 2023

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All the comfort without the cost.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of a home, but I disagree. If you ask me, the couch is where the soul truly lies—sometimes quite literally. A good couch can elevate an otherwise subpar living space just as easily as an uncomfortable one can mar a sitting room with the most beautiful home décor. Moral of the story: You have to invest in a good couch.

No couch has sparked so much publicity and popularity quite like RH’s Cloud couch. It’s known for its spacious size, deep cushions, and lived-in look. Oh, and the price. The baseline starts around $5,000, but once you select your size, configuration, and fabric choice, your cloud could easily cost $14,000 or more. Chump change.

If you, for some unfathomable reason, don’t want to spend quite so much, I’ve done some research on the 10 best cloud couch dupes that offer the same appeal at more digestible price. And to let you in on a little secret, I think some of them are even better than the original. The couches below come vetted by me, as well as the testing experts at Good Housekeeping. Happy lounging!

Editor’s note: Because many of these sofas are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the dimensions listed are for the standard three-seat offering, unless otherwise noted.

As a frame of reference, here is the original cloud couch from RH. The sofa that launched a thousand dupes.

Colors: 128 fabric options with additional leather options

Dimensions: Length: 84 inches; depth: 40 inches (for the 7’ Classic Sofa)

Customer review: “We absolutely love this sofa–for it’s aesthetics and comfort...The quality is impeccable, from the comfort to how well it is made....Ours is 100% down-filled, and never once have I seen a feather come loose. The only con…it sits really low, which makes it makes a little harder to get up from it.”

Hello to my new favorite place to lounge. Homebody is a sustainable furniture startup making the ultra-buildable reclining sectional.

Colors: 7 options

Dimensions: Length: 128.4 inches; depth: 39 inches

Customer review: “We LOVE the new couch!...The pet-friendly material is easy to clean and not fun at all for the cat to scratch so that is a triple win in our house!...We couldn’t be happier!”

It can hardly be called affordable, but this Meridian Furniture sectional is SO similar to RH’s cloud couch, and Good Housekeeping gave this option high remarks, too.

Colors: Black, Cream, Grey, or Navy

Dimensions: Length: 140 inches; depth: 70 inches (for standard six-piece set)

If you’re working with a small living space—or a small budget—this Amazon option might be the one for you. And Good Housekeeping agrees.

Colors: 6 options

Dimensions: Length: 89 inches; depth: 45 inches (for two-seater)

Customer review: “It’s not RH, but it’s very comfortable and sleek and elegant...Honestly, this was one of my best purchases of 2022...This sofa holds its own and is gorgeous.”

Before West Elm Caleb broke the internet, the brand was most well-known for its insanely good quality. The Good Housekeeping team dubbed this as the best overall cloud couch dupe.

Colors: Over 100 options

Dimensions: Length: 122 inches; depth: 86 inches

Simply put, Crate & Barrel never disappoints when it comes to quality. As an added bonus, Good Housekeeping declared this option as the easiest-to-clean dupe.

Colors: 13 options

Dimensions: Length: 89 inches; depth: 42 inches (for two-seater)

Customer review: “I have had this sofa for a few months now and I’m so happy with it. It is comfortable and has such a beautiful look. It is a complete down fill which is a more casual look which is what I was looking for, but I saw other reviews that were not happy with the seat cushion, and I think if you’re looking for something with more firmness 100% down is not the way to go. But I wanted 100 percent down and it is amazing in my opinion.”

I’m sorry to yell, but STORAGE! The chaise on this sofa features STORAGE! Apartment dwellers, rejoice!

Colors: 6 options

Dimensions: Length: 126.75 inches; depth: 65 inches (for four-seater)

Customer review: “I really love this couch...The cushions are firm, but definitely comfy and I love the under-the-chaise storage. I love that the cushion covers can be removed and washed/replaced. Overall, so happy and at a great price!”

Did you know you should flip your cushions? It’s akin to rotating or flipping your mattress. My mother used to despise that our couch cushions were one-sided. The underside had seams and random stitching that made them un-flippable. You won’t have that problem with this couch from Wayfair.

Colors: 47 options

Dimensions: Length: 90 inches; depth: 41inches

Customer review: “Great quality for the price. Deep cushions. Comes with really nice quality big pillows. This photo does not do it justice...Overall, great purchase.”

Although this couch is not a sectional that you can build upon, it has a crisp and polished look that’s hard to beat. Plus, buyer are almost unanimously obsessed with the purchase.

Colors: 17 options

Dimensions: Length: 85 inches; depth: 38 inches

Customer review: “It’s so soft and cushiony (many people have slept on it already). Great for movie nights, and the fabric seems to get better over time...I’ve received so many compliments on this piece already; it really is the highlight of my home.”

Hamilton’s sofa has something no other cloud couch has: a round chaise that looks oh-so chic and is perfect for curling up.

Colors: Brilliant White or Smoke Grey

Dimensions: Length: 122 inches; depth: 57.1 inches

Customer review: “Elegant, modern, and exceptionally comfortable spacious sofa. The grey smoke fabric effortlessly complements our home and will suit any other interior design. This sofa now makes our house complete; it is a must-have!”

This couch may be smaller, but it looks like a dead ringer for the O.G. cloud couch—and customers say it feels like sitting on a cloud, too. According to Good Housekeeping, this is the best value dupe.

Colors: Beige or Grey

Dimensions: Length: 110 inches; depth: 67 inches

Customer review: “Love my couch! Feels like I’m lying on a cloud! Super dog friendly, I have a handheld vacuum, and it takes seconds to clean up any hair from my black lab! I once spilled wine and was able to clean it white with just a damp cloth! Worth every penny!”

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