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Bed 4 Me nonprofit receives $2,500 from Crestview City Council

Aug 27, 2023Aug 27, 2023

CRESTVIEW — During Monday's Crestview City Council meeting, Councilwoman Cynthia Brown presented a check on behalf of the city that will benefit the local nonprofit Bed 4 Me in the amount of $2,500.

"In one of my previous lives, I worked at the Department of Children and Families as a CPI," Brown said. "Several times, I would go in a house and a child would not have a bed. So when Chance (Leavins) asked me to donate, I was happy to do it.

"We just appreciate you so much for taking care of our children and I think you are doing Okaloosa and Walton County right," Brown said.

Bed 4 Me is a nonprofit with a self-stated mission to ensure that children have a place of their own to sleep at night

Bed 4 Me has served children ages 2 to 18 from low- and middle-income families across Okaloosa and Walton counties since 2016. After a referral and first visit, Bed 4 Me provide new bedding, including a mattress, bed frame, pillow, sheet and comforter set to children in need along the Emerald Coast.

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"Crestview is the city where we serve the most," Executive Director Diane Freeman said. "We are on your roads a lot and this city has become a great friend and partnership for Bed 4 Me."

"In videos, I see when they show these kids getting in bed for the first time, it's very moving," Mayor J.B. Whitten said. "We should not be the country where a kid doesn't have a bed and when you see it, it really moves me. I know it moves a lot of people."


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