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Black Moroccan dance & art

Aug 05, 2023Aug 05, 2023

Join us on 12 September and hear from an inspiring artist about what it means to advocate for human rights through dance, art and acting!

Zineb Boujema is a dancer-performer, model and actress born in Meknes, an important historic town in northern Morocco. She is the youngest and only daughter of a large and proudly Arabic-speaking family. She seeks to summon her Berber (Amazigh) and African ancestors, to connect to her roots and understand the layers of her identity.

Together with Zineb, we will discuss the importance of dance and art for a Black Moroccan and we will give space and attention to mixed identities and the Black heritage of Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa region.

We will meet on our virtual sofa for a conversation between Zineb Boujema and Anna Alboth, our Europe Media Officer, in our Sofa Talk series. Every time, we try to introduce you to a special woman from a minority or indigenous background. Check out our Facebook page’s videos to see who we talked with in the past!

Make sure you tune in and hear Zineb, and share your favourite quotes using the hashtag #MRGSofaTalk. You can also submit your questions in advance by email at [email protected].

WHERE? Register here to attend online. We will also be live on Facebook and YouTube.

WHEN? On 12 September at 2-3 pm (Morocco, UK), 3-4 pm (Berlin),

Image: Archive of Zineb Boujema

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